PRO-SIGNAL HDMI Cable Extender CAT5e Ethernet Converter Module Adapter CCTV/PS5 System Network PSG03630

  • £19.50 GBP

PRO-SIGNAL HDMI Extender PSG03630. Brand New Sealed and boxed.
Need to extend your HDMI cable past 10 metres?
Maybe you have installed a CCTV system and need a monitor or TV to view the system live and the screen in the office is 25M or 50M away. this Extender converts your HDMI cable into ethernet CAT5e or CAT6, use network cable to run 50M then convert back to HDMI the other end. If using 5M or 10M HDMI cables (sold at Techboys, ask seller for details), you can cover up to 70M distance from CCTV to Monitor with two Pro-Signal PSG03630 adapters and two long HDMI cables.

Also use to Extend the HDMI distance from your game console, PS4, PS5, Xbox or Switch, PC or Laptop to your wall mounted LCD TV or projector. 

Includes 2x HDMI Extender adapters with power supplies, to create an HDMI to ethernet extended bridge, contains sender and receiver units.

**Image 3 is an example of a similar adapter to show the HDMI and Ethernet ports without breaking box seals**

HDMI Extender by CAT5e or CAT6 (x1) users one CAT5e/6 cable to extend the HDTV display up to 50 meters for 1080p resolutions.

Cat5 Module for extending HDMi cables over long distances especially in such projects as CCTV in offices, factories etc..

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