Apple Macbook Repair Specialists

Macbook Repairs and Upgrades by specialist trained Apple technicians. For Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook Retina repairs.

Including common services:

  • Macbook  Hard Drive Replacement

  • 15" Retina LED Screen Replacement

  • Solid State Drive(SSD) Upgrades

  • Macbook UK Keyboard Fitting

  • Liquid Spill Damage

  • Logic Board Component level Repairs (see opposite)

  • White screen with flashing folder icon

  • Dark / Black Macbook Screen

  • Faulty Internal Battery Replacement

  • OSX Upgrade, Data Recovery and OSX Recovery

  • RAM Memory Module Upgrades and Fitting Service

At our Birmingham repair centre we pride ourselves on being Macbook experts and offering all customers reliable speedy service. FREE local collection by our own technicians and UK Collect/Return by our dedicated DHL courier.


Logic Board Component Level Repairs 

Unlike many other repair centres we are Logic Board and Motherboard repair specialists, we go that extra mile and repair to component level.

  • BGA Reballing video card/graphic chip repair

  • Broken Power Socket/AC Adapter Port Re-Soldered and Replaced

  • Logic Board not powering up, electronic faults repaired

  • Headphone Jack/Microphone Socket has snapped we fix.

  • Macbook Air bleep code error solved

  • Battery not charging, circuits repaired

  • Blue/Black Display screen

  • Macbook freezing or Macbook restarting not loading OS

Whatever your Apple Macbook or even Laptop Logic Board or Motherboard fault at the Apple Mac Repair Centre Birmingham we breathe new life back into your Macbook and warranty all work we carry out.

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we are here to help.


Macbook Pro/ Macbook Air Upgrades/Repairs

Dark / Black screen on your Macbook Pro?

A common fault with many logic boards and normally using a component level repair can be rectified without having to replace the whole logic board.

Cracked or broken LCD / LED or front glass, another common repair undertaken at our repair centre, whether you have just cracked the glass screen overlay on your Macbook or digitizer on your iPad or iPhone our specialist technicians can replace this at a very competitive price and in a short space of time. If you have broken the main display LCD screen, LED screen or even your retina display on iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad air, iPhone 5s, 6s or 6 plus, many of these screens are kept in stock and a replacement LCD screen is another very common repair our team repairs on a daily basis.

Liquid spillage is another very common repair we see, with expert and in depth cleaning process, isopropyl alcohol, UV ovens and other professional methods, very often a liquid damaged Macbook keyboard or logic board can be cleaned and if necessary circuits can be repaired at the component level to save your Macbook Pro / Macbook Air instead of replacing the logic board at a greater expense.

Overheating, is a major cause of many faults, including, graphic card replacement in iMac systems. hard drive failure, (PSU) power supply units in iMac / Mac Pro, Logic board failure and other faults. A regular internal service can prevent this happening, once happened however, our trained technicians at the Apple Mac Repair Centre in Birmingham can diagnose the fault and replace the part having your Apple Mac device / system back functioning better than ever in the shortest time possible.

 Unlike many Apple centres we do not have a cut of period of 5 years from date of manufacture for when we will not repair your Apple mac product. We are experienced in repairing Macbooks, iMacs, Mini Macs, iPads, iPhones up to and over 10 years old and locate hard to find rare parts very often that other repair shops cannot source. We have over 2 decades experience in the industry and have a large selection of UK suppliers, European suppliers and even import weekly parts and components from China, Hong Kong and the USA. Although sometimes this can extend repair time sometimes it can save hundreds of pounds or locate a part that previously you may have been told is unavailable any longer.

Our pricing is second to none and we also have a collection and return service anywhere in the UK (minimal charges apply), and operate a FREE collection and return on all repairs within a 3 mile radius at customers request.


Where to reach us:

Mobile – 0333 323 0234

Free phone – 0800 014 9970