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Birmingham based Apple Mac Repair Centre offering repair services, with collection available to inner and surrounding areas such as Erdington, Solihull, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth and Rugeley.
Collections also available throughout the UK by our dedicated couriers.

For further information on our Apple Repair Services, please go to the appropriate link in the Repair Menu above i.e. iMac or Macbook Repair Services. We repair everything Apple from iPhone/iPad to Mac Mini and Mac Pro systems. Our expert technicians have years of laptop and Microsoft experience, feel free to drop other brands to us as well as your Apple device.

Apple iMac Problems? 

At our Apple Mac Repair Centre our trained technicians with over 20 years experience in iMac, PC & Laptop repairs and upgrades. If you have a 27" iMac A1312 with an overheated ATi Radeon or Nvidia graphic video card we not only can replace the faulty video card we also do BGA re-balling and can repair/refurbish your existing card. Black LED screen or distorted screen image, vertical lines all these are symptoms of a graphic card fault something we fix on a daily basis. Macbook screen repairs, maybe you have a cracked Retina screen or broken front glass, this is a sealed unit on all Retina iMacs and all slim iMac models 21.5" & 27" iMac models since 2012. New iMac models from 2014 or iMac A1418/A1419 (2015/2016) RAM memory upgrades must be done by qualified technicians. These All-In-One Computers are a sealed unit and the LED screen/front glass must be removed and replaced plus re-sealed by an experienced technician. Similarly if you want to replace or upgrade your hard drive or maybe you want to exchange your hard drive for a 2tb/4tb fusion drive or a large 512mb/1TB SSD (Solid State Drive) the new iMac model again has to have its 4k/5k Retina screen removed and replaced this is a service we can provide at a reasonable price the best in the Midlands.


FREE local collection and returns available, plus we offer a collection and return service to any customer in the UK via our DHL dedicated courier (minimal fees apply). Call now on 0121 517 2151 for no obligation quote. Collection available for your iMac in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Solihull, Bromsgrove, Redditch and all local areas in between. Collection available and return from Scotland to Cornwall.


Liquid Spill - Logic Board Liquid Damage - Blown LED Backlight -
Macbook Retina & iMac Repair Specialist
? Yes, but what makes us stand out from all the competition is we repair down to component level iMac and Macbook Pro (or Air) Logic Board's electronic circuitry, LVDS chips, resistors, fuses and BGA chips. Repairing, refurbishing and restoring your iMac and Macbook Logic Board to working condition with a full repair warranty and Repair Services Guarantee. Contact us for technical support or to book your repair in today. Fast, reliable and friendly service every time.


Where to reach us:

Mobile – 0121 217 5121

Landline: 0121 217 5121


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