NextBase 522GW Rear Add-On Dash Camera Extender Cable Adhesive Mount for NBDVRS2RFCZ / NBDVRS2RFCZW

  • £13.50 GBP

New Original and Genuine Nextbase 522GW (0.3M approx) Extender Cable with Screen Adhesive Mount. Accessory for 522GW dashcam. DASHCAM NOT INCLUDED. Not in the original box. Extends the vision of the 522GW rear camera so it can be conveniently positioned on the windscreen, rather than just plugged into the side of the 522GW main front camera, the add-on camera NBDVRS2RFCZ cabin view camera or the NBDVRS2RFCW rear window view camera can use this extender cable to position away from obstacles or positioned in a more prominent position to record the rear view of the vehicle or record the passengers e.g. in a taxi, Uber or other public transport vehicle such as a private ambulance etc... Convenient and with it's own adhesive mount pad included just position and fix permanently to your windshield. NextBase original accessory.

Not compatible with: 222X, 222XR, 320XR

Compatible with: Rear and Cabin Dashcam

Compatible Accessories: NBDVRS2RFCZ / NBDVRS2RFCZW

New OEM Packed, unboxed, plain packet

Part number: NBDVRS2RFCWB

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