PAIR HP 14” X360 14-DY0031NA Digitizer Laptop LCD Screen Touch Panel B140HAN04.D AU Optronics 14-DY0008NA

  • £39.99 GBP

Pair of HP LCD Screens and Digitizers for the HP X360 14" Touch screen Laptop. Compatible with HP 14-DY0008NA and the HP 14-DY0031NA may also be compatible with other HP X360 laptops (screen itself maybe compatible with much more as well as other brands).

AU Optronics LCD screen B140HAN04.D with Touch Panel Digitizer. x2

Both these digitizers have a crack in them, however both the LCD screens work perfectly fine. Sold as a spares/repair pair of Touch Panels with LCD screens. If you separate the AU Optronics LCD screens from the touch panel you will have two fully working LCD display screens. When fitted to an X360 HP 14" touch screen laptop the one complete unit works fine just has a cracked/smashed section of the touch panel (not the screen underneath), obviously the touch screen doesn't work perfectly with a crack in it, may jump around or not calibrate correctly. The other complete unit only comes on when the laptop lid is at a certain angle, when it is moved away from this angle lowered or pushed further back the screen turns off. This is obviously due to the cracked section of the digitizer, as when it is on the LCD screen again looks and shows a perfect image.

Sold as faulty spares/repair but sold as a pair, for a technician or customer who can make use of 2x AU Optronics B140HAN04.D 14" LCD panels. Or someone who needs to fix their X360 that has no image or broken LCd screen so they can see the screen and use the laptop with a cheap repair but without using the touch screen itself.

Selling new for over £100 and used for £70 each we are selling both working LCD with their attached cracked digitizers at a great affordable price, even the LCD screens are £35 alone when purchased separately.

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