Be Quiet! BL109 Pure Wings 3 PWM High Speed 14cm Case Fan, Rifle Bearing, Black, 1800 RPM, Ultra Quiet

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Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed are the perfect addition to demanding PCs with extraordinarily high performance and progressive features such as a speed-regulating closed loop motor.

  • Innovative closed loop motor keeps the rpm no matter the resistance
  • Optimized fan frame for outstanding performance on radiators
  • Newly designed fan blades and re-arranged angle for extraordinary air pressure
  • Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed can be operated with very low minimum rpm for very quiet operation
  • Long life rifle bearing gives an operating lifetime of 80,000 hours
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

Innovative Technology

Closed loop motor for persistent rpm
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed features a closed loop motor. This technology is comparable with the cruise control in cars.  When working against resistance, for example a fan grill or radiator, fans spin slower as a result. The closed loop motor technology constantly monitors the current fan speed and increases it to the target rpm, if necessary. As a result, Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed always operates at the desired speed, no matter the resistance.

Optimized to the Max

For unprecedented air pressure in its class
The fan frame outlet is newly designed to minimize air leaks. This benefits especially the radiator performance of Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed. To reach even higher performance, the fan blades are optimized as well: Their angle is adjusted to achieve even more air pressure, adding up to the extraordinary performance of Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed.

For Radiators and Heatsinks

Fan blades optimized for high pressure
With a remarkably high air pressure of up to 2.44mm/H2O, Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed  is the best choice for water-cooled and air-cooled systems alike. The 9 airflow-optimized fan blades provide enough air pressure to make this fan work great even in demanding configurations.

Iconic Design

Streamlined look makes it an instant timeless classic
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed trims all the fat. Every part and single detail contribute to the functionality and uncompromising performance. This has also been considered in the design of the fan. All outlines and angles serve a purpose, making Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed a timeless classic and elegant addition to every gaming PC.

Rifle Bearing Technology

Makes Pure Wings 3 a long-lasting companion
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed is built to last. With the proven rifle bearing technology, on average, this fan offers a lifespan of a 80,000 hours.


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