Apple 21.5" A1311 2010 Core i5 3.6Ghz HD4670 10GB RAM 500GB HDD OS Yosemite Used

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Apple iMac Mid-2010, Core i5 3.6Ghz, HD 4670 256mb, 10GB* RAM, 500GB Hard Disk Drive HDD, with OS X Yosemite (10.10) clean installation. ***Upgrades available ask seller about SSD or RAM upgrades***

 *iMac is in Grade 'A' perfect working condition, however is in Grade 'C' cosmetic condition, see images and notes below'


iMac is in good condition has some minor scratches and scuffs on the aluminium chassis, iMac also has a rather large bend to the right front edge of the aluminium leg/foot from previous transportation/impact (can be replaced asks seller). Fully internally refurbished high performance Core i5 3.6gHz iMac (very high spec CPU for this year). With an Intel Core i5 Processor, 500GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and an AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4670 dedicated video card (GPU). This machine will be ideal for anyone at home or at work. Great for anything you need to do. Great All-In-One entertainment centre for children, play Roblox, complete, online schoolwork, surf Youtube, stream video channels, radio channels and with the built-in optical drive, this computer can also play music CDs and your favourite DVD movies. Also perfect for home/office or business, emails, WIFI internet, cabled LAN networks, Bluetooth and Webcam for Teamviewer, Facetime and Internet Video Calling. Also perfect as an office desktop no messy wires, everything built-in to this AIO Apple computer

*Grade 'C' description: Some scratches, scuffs and blemishes on the aluminium as shown in images, plus a large bend on the front right edge of the leg/foot. The Leg Stand and also the Chassis can be replaced upon request charges will apply, the leg replacement including labour is £30, the Chassis and Leg replacement would be £45, we can replace for a grade A or B+ (stock levels dependant), if you want this system to look cosmetically almost immaculate. The leg stand was damaged in transit it took some impact damage just on the stand's corner*

**Does not include keyboard & mouse (sold separate), power lead is included **
Also great if you just need a working graphic card or logic board for your iMac, have an iMac at home that you are struggling to diagnose the fault. Buy this Grade C fully working iMac and fit all working parts to your Grade 'A' immaculate iMac at home. No need to guess diagnostics, just fit all the low cost working parts from the Grade 'C' to refurbish your system. Easily done.

Here are the following specifications:

OS X Yosemite (10.10) Operating System
21.5" LED/LCD 1920 x 1080 Display Screen
Intel Core i5 3.6gHz Processor with a Potential overclock speed of 4.0ghz
500GB HDD (Hard Drive) (Upgradeable)
10GB DDR3 SODIMM Memory (Upgradeable)
ATI/AMD HD 4670 256MB GDDR5 Graphic Memory
DVDRW Optical Disc Drive
FaceTime HD 720p Camera
4x USB High Speed Ports
1x FireWire 800 Port
1x RJ45 / GLAN Ethernet Port
1x Wifi
1x Bluetooth 2.1
1x ThunderBolt Adapter Port
1x Audio Sound Socket
1x Headphone Socket
1x UK Standard Plug Supplied

Chassis and stand has some scuffs/scratches on the aluminium surface from previous use however the computer is in very good working condition, we have a limited number of these in stock so first come first served basis so get one while they are available. With its fully internal service, stress testing and clean install of OSX Yosemite, comes with full 60 day warranty against failure and has never been repaired, bought as working then internally serviced and cleaned and sold as working. Refurbished and newly installed by our own in-house technicians.

The iMac itself is in Grade 'A' working condition, Grade 'C' cosmetic condition, never repaired fully cleaned and refurbished internally with a fresh installation of Operating System and 60 Days warranty from date of purchase. Any other specific details that you require or system upgrades, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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