Apple 15" MacBook Pro A1707 LCD Screen Display 2016 2017 Grey Laptop Lid *READ* Grade C Assembly

  • £179.99 GBP

Genuine and original LCD Screen Assembly, complete top lid section. For the MacBook Pro 15" Retina, the very popular APPLE TOUCH BAR Model with Apple Touch I.D. fingerprint recognition system and the much talked about touch sensitive, Touch Bar.

The screen Aluminium assembly would be a Grade 'B' cosmetically, has a few minor marks from previous use along where the edges meet. Also a few tiny blemishes on lid surface. Reason it is Grade 'C' is the screen display is darker on the left side the lower quarter of the screen. It also has white LED showing on bottom edge. Looks like maybe moisture got under the glass (see last image), so a quarter of the screen is distorted but the rest is perfect.

** Has been graded as a 'C'. It works perfectly, apart from the darker third of the screen on the left, the rest of the screen image is good and is a really cost effective way of getting your MacBook Pro back functioning if you have a smashed screen you cannot view. this is sold as Spares/Repair with no returns. It is sold really cheap, as a cost effective way for someone to get their Macbook Pro back functioning, would be ideal for a DJ or someone who needs a working test Macbook for doing data migration or just a cheap way of repairing your smashed screen until you can get a better one. This screen is NOT cracked and you can see the whole screen just has the darker patch as described and white LEDs visible**

An amazing low priced replacement screen to get your MacBook Pro 2016 or 2017 (A1707) back functioning. 

The aluminium case itself is in pretty good condition has a few minor marks but no major dents or scratches. 

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