Apple 15" A1286 Unibody 2011 MacBook Pro LCD Screen Display Assembly Laptop Lid Silver Replacement Grade B 241244

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Fully tested Genuine replacement LCD Display Assembly. System pulled from A1286 Mid 2011 never repaired guaranteed with 3 months warranty. Grade 'B' has some minor signs of wear and tear from previous use. (see images). If you look at the Aluminium lid as a whole in the images you can see residue of where some large stickers used to be, we have cleaned this the best we can, looks like a couple of animals and a young calf. this usually fades with time or can be cleaned. Cleaning with Acetone (nail varnish remover), or Isopropyl will remove or at least make the sticker outline fade. The screen image itself and glass are in good condition for the age and glossy. There are some minor cosmetic marks on the Aluminium from previous use, which is to be expected from an LCD assembly over 12 years old.  Screen cable is included. Screen picture works great, this is for the Mid-2011 MacBook Pro 15" unibody. not for the 2012, the later 2012 model has a silver LCD connector on the screen cable. Many users list 2010 to 2012 screens and they are all different. 2010 has 2 antennae, 2011 has 3 with gold connector, 2012 has 3 with a silver connector on front (gold at rear). Please order correctly, if unsure please ask we have ost screens in stock.

**This 2011 Model has 3 aerial/antenna connections**

Apple Part No. 661-5847 
Model: A1286
Year: 2011
System Pulled Serial: 
SKU: DM4-A1286-LCD-241244-B
Grade: B (minor scuff/scratches on aluminium and sticker residue outline marks)

If unsure if this part is compatible with your system please check original serial number above to see if your system matches the system the card was pulled from if unsure please contact us directly. All parts are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing purposes as refunds will not be given.

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