AONE DVD-R 16X Write FF Full Face Inkjet Printable 50 Spindle/Cake Box Blank Dis

  • £10.95 GBP

Aone 16x Write Branded Blank DVD-R Discs Media in Cellophane Wrap of 50. Discs are of outstanding quality for recording video, photos and data files. They are value for money and ideal for customers who want to burn multiple copies or lots of data with minimal burn failure or Disc loss. Silver topped Logo surface ideal for writing on with CD/DVD marker pen. These discs are white full faced surface which are inkjet printable.

Capacity: 50 Spindle 
Write Speed: 16X 
Manufacturer: AOne 
Type: DVD-R White Full Face Inkjet Printable
Packaging: Cellophane Wrapped Cake Box
Quantity of Discs: 50 DVDs (50pcs/Spindle)

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