4-Port VGA Video Splitter Computer Monitor Screen Display Duplicator Adapter PSU incl. USED Black

  • £8.99 GBP

Professional VGA splitter for reproducing video from a PC with VGA graphics card on 4 VGA compatible monitors or projectors. Due to the high quality of the splitter no signal loss will occur during splitting. It is fully compliant with VGA analogue specifications and very convenient for presentations, video walls or computer technician benches.

4-Port VGA Video Splitter Black Computer Monitor Screen Duplicator @ 450mHz Display Adapter with power supply unit PSU included.

VGA duplicator with 4 ports quality used product with 3 month warranty against failure.

1x VGA input plus 4x VGA duplicator output ports.

For example: Have your PC or Laptop plugged in and then output the display to a projector and 3x LCD TVs as well. Or have what is displayed on your PC screen exported to 4x TVs around the office or workplace. Like sharing the rerun of the big fight, or your security camera CCTV system in your store or security office or the World Cup highlights across many displays. Many uses for this duplicator VGA splitter adapter. Power Supply Included.

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