World Travel Plug/Converter with USB Adapter UK/Euro/USA with Case

  • £8.99 GBP

This travel world adapter converts plug sockets in one country to another. Converts EU to UK, UK to EU, EU to USA, USA to EU, USA to UK, UK to USA, Australia etc.. plus has a USB socket that connects into each adapter for eas of use. Truly versatile bit of kit ideal for travelling abroad especially for regular travellers.


1. Made with superior PC and full copper, good quality as standard
2. It is fully certified by CE and RoHS
3. Power Ratings: 250VAC, 10A
4. Plug Type: Type A US Plug , Type G UK Plug , Type F EU Plug, Type I AU Plug
5. Socket Type: Universal socket outlet
6. Unique Design, good looking , perfect gifts for customers, company etc.
7. Comes in Handy Compact Case
9. This universal travel adapter provide you with fast and efficient charging for all your electrical devices,like laptops, computers,cell phones, ipad, and speakers, tablets etc.
10. It can be used in more than 150 countries
11. Note: It does Not Convert Voltage, it is only for plug conversion
12. Provide one-year guarantee service


  (With AUS/US/EU/UK plug in one).
  AUS style 2/3 flat blade plug for Australia, New-Zealand, Argentina etc.
  USA style 2/3 flat blade plug for United States, Canada, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Peru and Central South America region etc. (USA & AUS Plug can swivel each other).
  2 round plug for Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland, Dutch, Spain, Portugal, Blegium, Germany, Norway, Denmark. Sweden etc.

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