Worldwide 4+1 USB + Micro USB Wall Plug Charger 40W Travel Adapter UK EU USA AUS Sumvision (2x 2.4A + 2x 1A USB + Cable)

  • £8.50 GBP

New and retail boxed. With 4x USB slots and a Micro-USB cable. Connect up to 4 different USB devices with this 4 + 1 USB charger hub comes with 2x 2.4A and 2x 1A USB ports plus a Micro-USB cable attached (Can charge up to 5 devices at once).

Charge a large variety of USB devices from Tablets and phones to portable speakers and headphones. Equipped for world wide travelling. The Sumvision 4+1 USB charger comes with 4 different plug heads; UK, US,Australia/China and European. This gives the 4+1 charger a ideal usage for going abroad on holiday if you're planning to carry many electronic items with you. One Micro USB charger cable The charger also comes with a micro USB cable used to charge electronics devices such as tablets, mobile phones or any other device that uses micro USB. Works with Android and if you have your lightning cable or USB-C cable (both sold separate), you can charge your Apple devices too. The additional power of 2.4A on two of the USB ports enables easy charging of tablets, iPads and other devices that need that additional power, or rapid charging of mobile phones. the two 1A ports will charge most mobile phones and e-cigarettes with ease.

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