Nextbase 322GW Full 1080p HD In-Car Dash Cam Front Facing Camera WiFi/GPS/Bluetooth CAMERA ONLY(MAINS ONLY) *READ*

  • £36.95 GBP

Nextbase 322GW used (Grade B)**
*Read Below*

Front Facing Camera ONLY. Amazing price more than 70% off RRP. Package includes tested DASH CAM ONLY. 3 months GUARANTEE as standard. Not a warranty, any issues we will replace for another unit without hesitation. Unlike the 422GW/522GW this model DOES NOT have built-in Alexa feature, however still has all the new added benefits of the NextBase *22GW Range

**The battery is dead but the camera fully works on mains only. Runs from a 12v USB cable or 12v fuse box hard wire cable kit (available on request, NextBase original for £14.99, ask the seller for details.**

*Nextbase Series 2 Cameras have a common power button fault, when button is pressed too hard it bends the internal bracket and stops functioning. The power button is not needed as the camera has Auto On/Off feature, when vehicle ignition is powered on camera comes straight on, when ignition is powered off camera powers off. Camera will fully work without power button, the button is generally only used if camera is running on backup battery but battery needs replacing in this unit*

Front Camera ONLY unboxed. ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED and Rear view camera also NOT included. SD card needs to be bought separately ONLY a UHS-3 card will work (U3) when recording on-the-fly and/or two cameras. Dash Cam will not function or record with any SD card but the fast UHS-3 card can be easily identified by the symbol "U" with a "3" inside.

**Camera is tested and guaranteed. However you will need to buy separately or already own a 12V mini-USB cigarette in-car charge cable, mini-USB to PC cable and a 322GW, 422GW or 522GW mount, charge cables and fuse box hard-wire kits sold separate (£14.99 ask seller for details)**

Ultra Dash Cam

  • 1080P AT 60FPS/720P AT 60FPS HD RECORDING AND 140° WIDE VIEWING ANGLE - The 322GW has been designed to provide high quality, detailed images of your journey on the road with the 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps F1.6 lens. The 140° wide viewing angle ensures that a wide coverage of the road ahead will be recorded for fantastic footage.
  • WIDE 2.5" HIGH RESOLUTION TOUCH SCREEN - View all your footage on the 2.5" award-winning IPS screen with upgraded picture resolution and clarity for high quality recordings. The new added touch screen feature allows you to easily select menu options and playback footage for a great user experience.
  • QUICKLINK WI-FI AND BLUETOOTH - The 322GW is the world's first Dash Cam with Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi to automatically sync files straight to your phone so footage can be supplied quickly to your insurer. You can also easily edit and share your footage via the MyNextbase Connect app.

    Wi-Fi Enabled

    The Wi-Fi feature in Nextbase Dash Cams enable you to download and share video and photo files directly to your phone or tablet. The Nextbase App acts as your own personal storage point for all Nextbase clips.

    High Dynamic Range

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) sets about improving the contrast in an image whilst maintaining clarity. HDR improves image quality with a better contrast, greater brightness and enhances the colours seen, taking multiple images at different exposures to give the best results.

    Reflection Free Lens

    In comparison to other HD models, a 4K dash cam can capture higher quality images and clear-cut recordings of vehicle license plates. This is especially useful when providing recordings as evidence in the event of a road incident of accident.

    GPS Speed and Location Logging

    The majority of Nextbase dash cams (all except 122 and 222) have inbuilt GPS. This provides key information such as speed and location on Google Maps using the free Nextbase software.

    Sharing Tools

    With the Wi-Fi Feature, you can share video and photo files directly to your phone or tablet via the Nextbase app. You can then share footage with your family, friends, insurance provider or the police. Videos can easily be shared via all the major sharing platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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