MAJORITY PRK-DAB-BLK PARKSIDE Digital and FM Pocket Radio USB Charging SD Card Reader MP3 + Headphones, Charge Cable, Lockable Buttons

  • £19.99 GBP

Refurbished Majority PARKSIDE PRK-DAB-BLK Portable Pocket DAB and FM Radio Black with NEW Headphones and a Micro-USB Charge Cable Set.  RRP £79.99

  • AUDIO ON THE GO: Designed for the active audiophile, the Parkside pocket radio the perfect companion for any workout.
  • DAB/DAB+ & FM RADIO: Using DAB+/DAB & FM radio, enjoy a wide range of radio stations to keep your motivation sky high. With easy set-up and quick auto-scanning, you can begin listening to your favourite stations in no time.
  • USB CHARGING: Charge the built-in rechargeable battery with the supplied USB cable to enjoy 10-12 hours of fantastic playback.
  • EARPHONES WITH INTERNAL AERIAL: Use the provided earphones with built-in aerial to receive the best signal to receive digital and FM radio.

Box Contents

  1. Majority Petersfield Pocket DAB
  2. USB Cable
  3. Earphones

Switch your radio ON or OFF by moving the switch on the top of the radio.

Press the ‘Standby/Mode’ button to put the radio out of standby.
To put the radio back into standby, press and hold the ‘Standby/Mode’ button.
When in working mode, switch between DAB and FM mode by pressing the Standby/Mode button.

Use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate around the radio and browse through your selections and stations available.
In FM mode these buttons can be held down to autoscan to the next or previous available stations.

Menu/Info Button
Hold down the Menu/Info button to enter system settings.
Select repeatedly when on a DAB or FM station to view station information.

Enter/Lock button
Press the ‘Enter’ button when in working mode to lock and unlock the buttons.

SD Card Compartment

Enjoy your favourite songs on the go with the in-built SD Card Compartment

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