Hoover H-FREE200 Multi-Function Stick Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner H-Free 200 Smart 2000W

  • £64.95 GBP

  • Converts to Handheld - Weighs just 1. 5kg in handheld mode, for effortless cleaning inside your car and around your home. Customer Service Number 0344 499 5599
  • Cordless Power - 22 Volt Lithium battery pack runs for up to 40 minutes non-stop as a handheld, 25 minutes on floors and 12 minutes in turbo mode, with no annoying cables getting in the way
  • Agility - Hoover Flat &Drive nozzle reclines flat and swivels 180 degrees, gliding under your sofa or around table legs with ease
  • Accessories Included - Dusting / Crevice / Upholstery Tools, Wall Mount, Battery Pack, Charger Plug
  • All Hoover products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months; Please register your appliance with Hoover

H-FREE 200

H-FREE 200 offers convenient cordless cleaning throughout your home, with up to 40 mins** of power in auto mode or 25 mins*** in standard mode. Suitable for all types of flooring, H-FREE 200 boasts enhanced performance that matches a corded vacuum cleaner*, with carpet mode that allows you to activate the rotating brush bar for up to 12 minutes of deep cleaning. The Hoover Flat & Drive nozzle swivels from side to side 180 degrees, enabling you to steer around objects such as table legs with ease. You can also recline the vacuum back 90 degrees for cleaning underneath furniture, and the nozzle will stay flush with the floor for the optimal dust pickup.


Clean your home from top to bottom without running out of power, as H-FREE 200 runs for up to 25 minutes on floors, or up to 40 minutes as a handheld.**


H-FREE 200 weighs just 2.2kg, meaning you can comfortably carry it all around your home and use it to effortlessly clean high ceilings, above floors and in tight spaces throughout your home.


Glide effortlessly around and under furniture, thanks to the Hoover Flat&Drive floorhead that reclines back flat to the floor, and pivots 180 degrees from side to side.


H-FREE 200 has enhanced dust pickup, and is as good as a corded vacuum at picking up dust particles from floors.* Press the CARPET button to activate the rotating brush, loosening and lifting any dust from below the surface.


Use as a handheld for cleaning inside your car or for upholstery, or attach the pole and Flat&Drive nozzle to clean your floors. Whenever you need to clean ceilings, high surfaces or any hard to reach spaces, simply choose one of the tools and click it onto the end of the long reach pole.


The 0.7 litre bin can be opened with the press of a single button, making it quick and easy to empty out the dust, with no struggling to remove the lid.


A handy wall mount is included for you to store your vacuum neatly along with its tools. A separate charging plug is provided.


H-FREE 200 gives you the option to remove the battery pack and charge it separately, so that you can use whichever power socket is most convenient. An LED light on the battery shows charging status at any time.

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