Gigabyte Aorus X7 Gaming Laptop i7-4860HQ Motherboard GA-R1756L GTX 860M 8GB SLI Working

  • £119.50 GBP

Working genuine Gigabyte Aorus X7 Gaming Laptop i7-4860HQ @ 2.4gHz (upto 3.6gHz turbo overclocked) Motherboard GA-R1756L GTX 860M 8GB SLI (Dual SLI 2x4GB GDDR5 Graphics). 

Clean pull motherboard, taken from a working Gigabyte Aorus X7 gaming laptop. Laptop was fully working with a dent in trackpad and some other cosmetic damage to chassis. Hence board was stripped. Has 4 DDR3L memory slots, plus 3x mSATA SSD slots and a WIFI network card slot. Many of the working components are in stock and available if needed for the same laptop. Motherboard RRP £449.99 and average used £324.99. Amazing deal on price. Gaming motherboard GA-R1756L supports upto 3 displays, anyone with an Aorus X7 will know how amazing this Gigabyte gaming computer is in reality. SSD and Crucial Ballistix memory also available (ask seller for details).

3 months warranty against failure.
Intel Core i7-4860HQ 2.4gHz-3.6gHz Overclocked
4x DDR3L RAM slots (maximum 32GB)
3x mSATA SSD slots
1x WIFI network card slot
Dual SLI Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M 8GB GDDR5 Video Memory (2x 4GB GPU)

Genuine Gigabyte working gaming laptop main board. Internal motherboard with i7 processor included and heatsink.

**Other spares for the same gaming laptop available upon request, whole working laptop, parts available while stocks last, ask seller**

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