Nextbase 402G Pro Full HD 1080p In-Car Dash Cam Front Camera DVR 2.7" LED Screen 140° Angle + GPS Black + Mount *MAINS ONLY*

  • £44.95 GBP

Front Facing Camera and Mount included ONLY no cables, or SD card supplied (can be purchased online. Amazing price more than 70% off RRP. ** The 12V cigarette lighter in-car power and charging cable is NOT included (SD card NOT included sold separate). 3 months GUARANTEE as standard. Not a warranty, any issues we will replace for another unit without hesitation. 
All this camera needs to make a full kit is a mini-USB cable for power (sold separate). Mini-USB cables can be purchased from many outlets. same connector as most of the older TomTom and Garmin SatNav systems.

NextBase genuine 12v cigarette charger adapter sold for £12.95
NextBase genuine fuse box hard-wire kit £15,95
Standard USB 2.0 to mini-USB cable 1m £9.49
Ask seller for purchasing details.

Front Facing Camera ONLY Nextbase 402G Dash Cam 1080P Full HD with GPS and Windscreen Mount included.

**Refurbished camera, may have small cosmetic marks but fully tested and working**

The Nextbase 402G provides all the features you could need in a dash cam. It features a 2.7-inch screen and records in Full 1080p HD. Plus the Nextbase 402G features GPS technology to record your location and the speed of your vehicle.

This Nextbase records a 140 degree wide angle view of the road ahead using a 3 mega pixel resolution sensor. The lens is made from 6G sharp glass resulting in high-quality, clear videos and images. Superior low light performance is an enhancement that makes this Nextbase ideal for use at both day and night.

There are 4 recording modes on the Nextbase 402G:

Continuous recording: Nextbase 402G records in Loop Recording mode. When the micro SD card is full old video will be recorded over.

Parking mode: When your vehicle is parked motion detection is used to start recording.

G-Sensor mode: G-Forces are recorded to the device at all times. If a large impact is detected the video before, during and after the impact will be saved and prevented from being overwritten.

Manual Emergency Recording Mode: Manually begin recording to capture events as they happen.

An in-built battery has a battery life of 6 minutes for using the dash cam in photo mode. You can also record sound using the Nextbase's in-built microphone.

An HDMI cable is included to link the Nextbase 402G to a PC or TV for High Definition (HD) playback. Also a USB to PC cable is included in the box. SD cards up to 32GB are accepted by the Nextbase 402G.

Nextbase computer software included in the box allows you to view the recorded video on a PC or Mac computer. The GPS capabilities and G-Sensor of the Nextbase 402G will record GPS speed and location and G-Forces respectively which you can view on the computer which are synchronised with the video.

Nextbase 402G Features

‣2.7-inch LED screen
‣1080p Full HD Recording
‣GPS Technology
‣Accident and event recording; 3 axis G-sensor
‣Continous video recording records with loop recording
‣Enhanced for low-light performance ideal for night time recording
‣6G lens for stunning clearer videos
‣Wide 140 degree viewing angle
‣Parking Mode - automatically records video when motion is detected
‣6 minute battery life for using the dash cam in photo mode
‣Photo mode - switch to the photo mode to collect photo evidence
‣HD playback of videos
‣Built-in Microphone
‣Nextbase software compatible with PC and Mac computers

This camera is *MAINS ONLY* which means the internal backup battery needs replacing. It may work a little or may not work at all. backup battery is just that, it is for backup purposes only and is used for example if the vehicle ignition fails during an accident the backup battery will keep the camera recording for around 4-5 minutes or if using as a normal photo camera. (up to 6 mins with a brand new battery). *MAINS ONLY* means the camera works normally and perfectly, when ignition is powered on camera powers on, when ignition is powered off the camera also powers off. A great dashboard camera (Dash Cam) for recording your journeys, your accidents and other details of your surroundings when travelling during the day or night. Great for insurance premium purposes, many insurance companies will reduce your monthly premium if a dash camera is installed. 402G (where 'G' stands for GPS) has a built-in GPS software, the GPS receiver is built into the windscreen mount (not supplied). The mount must have 'GPS' inscribed on it in large white letters because Nextbase makes two types one with and one without GPS both mounts do power the camera on/off with the ignition. Auto power on/off with ignition power, camera can be powered using 12v cigarette lighter mini-USB adapter cable OR using the NextBase hard-wire kit which goes direct to the dashboard Fusebox in the vehicle OR can be powered with a standard mini-USB 5v cable from any USB port in the car. All 3 types of power cables are sold separate (ask seller for details). Camera can also have it's firmware upgraded or a software upgrade using mini-USB to PC (USB 2.0) cable. (Also sold separate)

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