Apple 15" A1286 2010/2011 MacBook Pro LCD Screen Display Assembly Lid **READ**

  • £17.95 GBP

Fully tested Genuine replacement Display Assembly. System pulled from A1286 Mid 2011 never repaired guaranteed with 3 months warranty. Grade 'B' has some minor signs of wear and tear.  The screen image and glass are mint. There are some minor marks from previous use.  This is a grade 'B' cosmetic condition LCD assembly with small noticeable marks from previous use, maybe some minor hairline scratches 9see images) nothing major on Grade 'B' screens, otherwise they would be grade 'C' if they had noticeable heavy scratches or dents. Screen cable is included. Screen picture works great.

**This 2011 Model has 3 aerial/antenna connections, however one of the 3 antennae the end clip has broken off, so now only has 2 connectors for antenna. (This makes it perfect to use for 2010 because they only have 2 antenna connections coming from screen). However you can still use this on 2011 the 3rd aerial is for Bluetooth so you can either do without Bluetooth OR you can use a single wifi aerial and single bluetooth aerial. OR a USB wifi dongle would also suffice** The price reflects the missing end of the aerial cable. This maybe an easy fix for someone with the time and know how. Wireless internet still works. A cost effective replacement in good condition

Apple Part No. 661-5847 
Model: A1286
Year: 2011
System Pulled Serial: 
SKU: MB003-661-5847-241243
Grade: B (minor scuff/scratches on aluminium)

If unsure if this part is compatible with your system please check original serial number above to see if your system matches the system the card was pulled from if unsure please contact us directly. All parts are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing purposes as refunds will not be given.

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