Apple 15" MacBook Pro 2017 A1707 Touch Bar i7 2.8gHz Grey Laptop 16GB/256GB SSD AMD Radeon Pro 555 Grade B

  • £449.99 GBP

The amazing 15" TOUCH BAR Model with Apple fingerprint recognition system and the much talked about Apple Touch Bar with Emoji, spelling correction, volume and brightness controls plus much more.

UK English Layout Keyboard

Pre-owned fully tested Genuine Apple MacBook Pro A1707 Mid 2017 in Space Grey a 15" Aluminium Laptop. Original A1707 Mid-2017 with Core i7 2.8gHz processor, 16GB RAM memory and 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) internal storage. Graphics consist of AMD Radeon Pro 555 2GB VRAM and Integrated Intel Iris Pro 630 with 1536mb of system shared memory, giving this MacBook amazing Ultra HD graphics. The MacBook has a lot of storage a quarter of a Terabyte to store thousands of documents, photos and music tracks. Great for design work, DJ or music studio recording. The Aluminium chassis is in very good condition (Graded as 'B') because MacBook has a few cosmetic marks on the aluminium chassis, giving it the grade 'B' condition (see photographic images).  Apart from cosmetic marks this MacBook is in fully working condition, it's battery status is 'normal' with only 575 battery life cycles, (see images). It has a 3 months warranty as standard. This MacBook is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Battery cycles are at 575, most batteries do a minimum of 1000 cycles if used regularly. Which means this battery should get roughly another 3-5 years, however this cannot be guaranteed and battery is not included in the 3 month warranty. Batteries are classed as a consumable much like an ink cartridge in a printer, we have seen batteries still working with 1200-1400 cycles. batteries tend to depreciate if the MacBook is not used regularly and battery cells get stored away unused. The more you use the battery the better for it's overall service condition.

This model is the Touch Bar version, with fingerprint and LED digitizer Touch Bar running along the top and complete width of the keyboard and this one for sale is in he prestigious looking Apple Space Grey colour.

The Space Grey gives a smarter, sleeker looking colour. Cleaner look, does not show dirty marks as easy as the silver edition. Retailing in our High Street store at £2499 this is an amazing deal.

Item is in Grade B cosmetic condition, but it's functionality is almost mint working condition (see images for cosmetic marks). UK Layout Keyboard. Although some images look like the screen has dead pixels or bright mark, and another image screen looks blue tinted this is the office lighting above and is not on the screen itself. Screen image is mint condition UHD and perfect.

This MacBook is Grade 'B' because of the minor cosmetic marks on the aluminium lid and it's edges, Grade 'B' cosmetic condition.

Also Grade 'B' working condition. Due to the MDM Remote management board.(see description below in Blue about MDM laptop remote management)

We do not include the underneath base cover in our laptop gradings, as this surface is constantly rubbing against desktops, laps, work surfaces and other surfaces the MacBook has been used with over it's previous life cycle. hence we do not grade the base covers. The cover will have at minimum all 4 rubber feet attached though.

**3 months warranty against failure**

MacBook pro is in excellent working condition, may have some minor signs of previous use but is in overall good cosmetic condition and works perfectly.   **THIS LOGIC BOARD IS MDM LOCKED with Remote Management Software but is working perfectly and installed with latest OS Monterey. **Read Below**

Apple Part No. A1707
Year: Mid-2017
Layout: UK Keyboard
Model: Intel Core i7 Logic Board (2.8gHz)
Memory: 16GB DDR3 2133mHz (onboard) 
Storage: 256GB Solid State Drive (onboard Apple SSD)


**MDM LOCK: The internal logic Board has an *MDM remote management lock. This has been bypassed and we have installed OS Monterey then done an internet upgrade of OS Ventura with no issues, so the MacBook is installed and ready to go. We have created and ADMIN user and given it the default password of "1234". The buyer can keep this user and add their Apple I.D. etc OR can create another ADMIN user and delete our installed user. The Remote Management Lock will not reappear unless you format the internal SSD and try to do an internet recovery. The MacBook is already wiped clean and had a fresh install of the operating system. So is ready to be used. recovery from an external Hard Disk will not reinstall the remote management software ONLY internet recovery will do this. This is 100% fully working MacBook Air at an amazing price in great condition, RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED on basis of board has MDM Remote management. We are happy anytime in 3 month warranty to reinstall OS if you accidentally format MacBook and reactivate the remote management**

*What is Remote Management MDM? *
 When a company purchases business machines in bulk from Apple they can opt for remote management software upgrade. for example if a company buys 30 MacBook's for their staff, they can remotely push out office suite software to all 30 MacBooks remotely via the internet, they can also run operating system upgrades remotely across all company computers, or remotely setup user accounts, emails and company server domain logins etc.. It also prevents staff from deleting users and accidentally losing the company's important data. Sometimes when these MacBooks that are under a 2/3 year business contract from Apple and are then exchanged for newer models after 2 or 3 years, the MDM remote software is still attached to the MacBook's serial number. The company are supposed to remove the MacBook and it's serial number from their Apple remote management system. Some companies forget or do not bother to do so. When they are then sold on in bulk, 25 of 30 MacBooks have been removed but 5 still remain, it is this 5 that then when doing an internet recovery also install the Remote Management software by default. Unfortunately it is only the company that can then remove the serial number from their systems. If the designated company is not known it is then very hard to get MDM software released from specific serial numbers. 

WIFI internet and Bluetooth capable with AC adapter charger included.

Contact seller for any questions. Heavily discounted due to Remote management but works the same as any other MacBook Pro. A great buy for any customer. Great laptop for working from home, school, college or university work. High specification, fast and looks great.

Model: A1707
Colour: Space Grey
Year: 2017
Battery Cycles: 540
Keyboard Layout: UK English
Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 630 1536mb and AMD Radeon 555 with 2GB VRAM
Processor: Core i7 2.8gHz
Memory: 16GB
Storage: 256GB SSD
Operating System: OS 12 Monterey (Can be changed on request)
Charger Included: Yes (Genuine Apple AC Adapter USB-C with UK plug)
Serial No. (see if shown in images)

*Clean installation of OS 12 Monterey, ready for new user setup (same as when first purchased when new), plus we have done the critical software update Apple released and many customers have issue completing. we have updated this for you. Other operating systems available on request if you want to have the newest Ventura we can install this for you or you can do it yourself when received. Older OS also available on request ask seller.

An amazing MacBook at an amazing price RRP £2699 for the 500GB SSD version,
All computers are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing or use the laptop if not wanted. Once the computer is setup the warranty comes into effect. Refunds will not then be given. Do NOT remove screws or open the MacBook to se or touch internal components, opening or removing the base cover/base cover screws will also void your warranty. Extended 12 month warranty available on request, please ask the seller (additional charges may apply).

Model Info

2.8GHz i7 16GB/256GB 555 Space Gray

Order no.

Machine ID

05 Jun 2017

12 Jul 2018

Quanta Computer, China (Subsidiary = Tech Com)

Space Grey

1.830 kg

1.55 x 34.93 x 24.08 cm



CPU Speed
2.8 GHz

1 (4 Cores) x Core i7 (I7-7700HQ)

Memory slots

Built-in Memory
16 GB

Max memory
16 GB

76.0 W h Li-Poly

Original OS
X 10.12.5 (16F2073)

Last supported OS

Graphics & Imaging

Graphics proc
Radeon Pro 555 (2 GB)

Internal screen
15.4" Widescreen inches (diagonal)


2nd display

Max external resolution
4096x2304 (x4*)



USB ports
4* (3.1)

FireWire ports


Airport type

Bluetooth type

Drives & Expansion

Storage type
Solder Onboard (PCIe 3.0)

256 GB SSD

Optical drive


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