Apple 13" MacBook Pro 2016 2017 Grey A1708 Palmrest Keyboard UK Layout English 821-00681-A Grade A Space Grey 26014

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Refurbished fully tested Genuine replacement Apple MacBook Pro A1708 late 2016 Mid 2017 in space grey. A 13" Aluminium Palmrest including trackpad,  UK English layout keyboard, non-TouchBar, this is the function key version model. Decent good battery*, status 'normal'. Original and genuine part clean pulled from A1708 Mid 2017 fully working in good cosmetic condition. Grade as 'A". This Palmrest may have some very minor cosmetic marks from previous use (see images) overall in excellent condition for its age. Perfect working condition, all keys, trackpad and battery work perfectly. 

**Grade A (may have some very minor cosmetic signs of previous use but looks in very good condition) all parts come with with 3 months warranty, we do not guarantee the batteries on any Palmrest or refurbished laptop. This Palmrest looks in great condition (see images attached), may have some very minor marks from previous use**

Item is in Grade 'A' condition.

 The battery* tested normal (see battery note below ) regarding 'normal' status, battery is charging and working fine. So the expected lifespan of this battery is very good. However we do not warranty batteries as they are classed as a consumable much like an ink cartridge in a printer. Keyboard, Trackpad and other components all have a 3 month warranty against failure. UK English 'QWERTY' Layout. 

UK English Layout 'QWERTY' with '£' sign above the 3 key

Apple Part No. 821-00681-A - 821-00469
Model: B661-07947, B661-05115
Battery Status: Normal*
System Pulled Serial:  Clean Pulled from A1708 2017

Parts Included:

  • UK English QWERTY Keyboard
  • Space Grade 'A' Palmrest
  • Trackpad and Cable
  • Battery (Good Working Condition) (status: Normal)
  • Fans
  • Power Button
  • All parts included with Function Key Edition Palmrest, we have removed the screen and the logic board with SSD. Everything else is included.

SKU: TBS-A1708-GREY-GRA-PR-26014

*Battery: When tested status was 'normal', however after being unplugged for a while, waiting to be shipped, the Palmrest can be fitted by the new owner and initially may say that status is: 'service recommended'. DO NOT confuse this with the other status 'replace soon'. The battery status 'service recommended', means just that, this just means the battery has sat uncharged for a while and  it needs a good charge for a few days and then the cells will regenerate back to status 'normal'. Apple has battery regeneration built-in, that is what this message is recommending, to do this the battery needs to be left on charge for a few days, constantly plugged in and MacBook used for a couple of weeks even. We have sold refurbished Macbook complete systems, that have taken 4,5 and over 10 days to go back to status 'normal'. Depending on wattage of the charger being used and how depreciated the battery charge has become. OR the battery will not regenerate and in a few months will change to status: 'replace soon'. The battery does hold a charge and works perfectly fine at the moment, showing status 'NORMAL' so is definitely okay for the foreseeable future. However we do not warranty batteries as they are classed as a consumable much like an ink cartridge in a printer, that only prints so many pages, batteries only have so many cycles. Keyboard, Trackpad and other components all have a 3 month warranty against failure. UK English Layout. This paragraph was added, as some customers mistakenly think that 'service recommended' means the battery needs replacing. That message shows up as 'replace soon' and even that message, we have seen batteries still run for another year. To just clarify: when tested and stripped battery had a status as 'normal', holding a charge for hours*

If unsure if this part is compatible with your system please check original serial number above to see if your system matches the system the card was pulled from if unsure please contact us directly.
All parts are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing purposes as refunds will not be given.

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