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Pred8tor Online Store. Apple Mac parts specialists with in-house technicians at our Birmingham based repair centre, testing and sourcing genuine iMac, iPad and Macbook Pro/Retina components and accessories. 
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Solid - Selling fast SSD drives and RAM Memory upgrades for iMac, Macbook and PC systems

Sound - Keeping it real with affordable sound devices like Bluetooth speakers, surround sound bluetooth headphones and gaming headsets for PC and consoles. Also check out our gaming PC accessories like the 'Nemesis' Keyboard/Mice bundle or the new Soundwave LED gaming keyboard.

Untouchable - Wireless technology you can't see or feel but no its working. Network devices like Power-line adapters distributing your network down the electric circuits at home/work. Super-fast wireless access points and range extenders by TP-Link and Netgear plus complete wireless and/or network solutions for business.

Smart - Authorised Smart-board resellers to schools and business plus our technicians can configure, install and deliver these much sought after SmartBoard KAPP IQ screens at affordable prices not retail prices. Be Smart Be Pred8tor..